Greetings! Welcome to COR Management & Consulting L.L.C.

I am here to serve you. Have you reached a point in your business where its growth has expanded beyond your ability to support it alone? If you feel bogged down by daily operations and are struggling to oversee multiple projects and/or team members, then you are in the right place.

COR Management & Consulting L.L.C. applies extensive project management, leadership, and customer service expertise to help delegate the tasks needed to run the operations of your business. Building off of 15 years of customer service and 9 years of project management experience, I customize my virtual online support services to suit your business needs. Whether you need assistance jumping in on an existing business project or you need help identifying areas for support, I will deliver. I am able to perform a comprehensive business assessment and identify opportunities to streamline and implement more efficient processes. In addition, I am able to hit the ground running and take over operational management tasks to free up your time to focus on your business goals and vision.

I am driven to do what it takes to help your business not only run like a well oiled machine, but help it thrive!

Take the leap! What do you have to lose? Set up a discovery call with me. My goal after 30 minutes is to understand your needs and help identify ways to assist you. I believe your time is valuable. I eagerly look forward to speaking with you.